Truth For The World Asia

Get Involved

As we look at the world around us, there are so many people that we would like to reach with the Gospel. However, we are not able to teach all of them, because not all of them can understand English. If you are a Christian who speaks an Asian language, we would welcome your help to translate Truth For The World materials into your language.

Languages Currently Represented

Truth For The World provides materials in various languages, but as far as Asian languages go, currently we have materials in Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Burmese. We welcome any help in increasing our materials in these languages, and we would especially like to expand to more! Asia is a very diverse region of the world, and the more people we can reach, the better.

Specific Ways You Can Help

We have a collection of 72 tracts in English which cover a multitude of helpful topics, and we would like to see these tracts translated into many languages. This would be a good place to start if you are willing to be a volunteer translator.

In the near future we hope to have new educational offerings available that can be translated as well. Currently we offer a Bible correspondence course in Indonesian, and it would be great to expand this to other languages too.

Please Contact Us

If you're willing to help us out in any of these ways to further the Gospel in Asia, or if you have any other ideas, please get in touch with us. Lord willing, we can work together to accomplish much good in God's Kingdom!